Your WAND Maintenance Page


If you are a traveller wanting to search for services, users, trip reports, reviews and more you do not have to sign up. Enjoy browsing around in WAND as much as you like.

However, we do require you to sign up if you are:


If you would like to list your services on WAND you can sign up your company or individual services. WAND allows you to sign up as many companies as you like and even multiple companies within the same type. For example, you could sign up a tour operator (or freelance guide) three restaurants and two accommodations. All of this is managed from this page. This ‘maintenance page’ shows you all the services you have signed up, which can all be modified, and all of which will have their own ‘home page’. You can get started by clicking the Sign up button below.

If you would like to review what it will cost to sign up your business(es) with WAND, please click here to download a PDF describing the scale of charges.



If you are one of WAND’s users and want to contribute a review or trip report, or if you want to get alerts such as for bargains, or new tours to a particular destination etc., then you too will need to sign up with WAND and create a ‘user page’. A user page is simply a page that allows you to tell other WAND users about yourself (if you wish), and allows you to create reviews, upload trip reports and register for alerts. You are limited to a single user page and you can create it by clicking the Sign up button below.