Natural Beauty of Sundarban

Sundarbans charms the tourists in many ways. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This marshy land is the home to many ferocious and beautiful animals and to some of the unique floras. The Sundarban is the true wonder of nature.

Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban is the home to many beautiful and some endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Estuarine Crocodile, Spotted Dear, and Wild Boar. Sunderban seems to be a floating forest when it gets partially submerged by highly saline water during the high tide. Within a few hours, the low tide makes the water to recede back to the Bay of Bengal exposing the clay beds of mudflat to the air. Tidal amplitude and fluctuations of Sundarbans is around 7 meter. These unique features make Sundarban National Park, the best National Park in India. The Sundarban National Park is a great tourist spot.

Eco-tourism in Sundarban

The development of the Sundarban eco-tourism is one of the top priorities of the Forest Department. It forms part of the existing Government national objectives concerning existing and proposed tourism policies in Bangladesh and India.  It will contribute to the development of a healthy, responsible and sustainable type of eco-tourism for the benefit of all. The Eco-tourism Centres are located at Sajnekhali, Dobanki, Netidhopani and Burir Dabri in STR, and at Bonie camp (Sundarikati), Bhagabatpore Crocodile Project, Lothian Island sanctuary and Kalash beach. There are two Nature Interpretation Centres located at Sajnekhali and Bhagabatpore, and one Eco museum at Sudarikati.