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Indian Wildlife Adventures provides  wildlife safaris tours and services to travelers visiting the Indian Sub continent and Africa Continent. Our motto “Conserve Nature For Future” drives our philosophy of providing international exposure to Indian Wildlife with an aim to impart the importance of conservation not only for us but for our future generations to come.
Our CEO says of forming the company: Many a times we wondered ‘what is the purpose of our lives’ whether we should do those mundane, nine to five office jobs or to draw inspirations from Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull to’ break free and fly to where one’s heart is’. Indian Wildlife Adventures was started after this debate and after visiting many National Parks & Sanctuaries from the Alpine forests of Dachigam National Park in Jammu and Kashmir to the tropical Rain Forests of The Silent Valley National Park in South India. The love of nature took me to places, I could not have imagined.
An ex-banker, Sharad Khanna is a mountaineer, SCUBA Diving, wildlife photographer, film maker, who now loves what he does … being in nature with wildlife!

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Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, India, Kenya, Nepal, Norway, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda

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