Are you daydreaming to practically experience what travel and visits look like after the global lock down and months staying indoors due to COVID-19? If so, you are desperately awaited by Ethiopia, the Land of Origins, and the top tourist attraction. In fact, Aman Ethiopia Tours much pleased to inform you that Ethiopia is anxiously waiting to officially lay out the welcome mat to you as of 23rd of September, 2020. Things are not as usual since the outbreak of COVID-19. Like other sectors, tourism is also being agile to live its existence by withstanding the impact of the cruel storm-COVID. Rest assured! The tourism sector amid the Pandemic has undergone a series of major service redefining stages for the safety of leisurely tourist movements.

It is high time to venture off the beaten track and explore the epic Ethiopian landscapes, its varied cultures and traditions, superb wildlife, ideal weather, Lucy–the early ancestor of human kind, and the like. Many of the world tangible and intangible heritages inscribed by UNESCO are also the cause for your coming to Ethiopia. You will be amazed and satisfied by the unforgettable and unique taste of Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony in its country of birth. Ethiopia has almost equal time of day and night as the country is located between the equator and the tropic of cancer.

We know your big concern in planning your travel. Don’t worry, our redefined services which are strictly implemented in line with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization /WHO/ and other health and aviation regulatory bodies give you guarantee to ensure your biosafety and wellbeing end to end your travel and during your visits in Ethiopia against contracting the CORONAVIRUS. In addition, Ethiopia has also finalized the preparation of its tourism protocol which enforces the detailed COVID-19 containment strategies across the tourism value Chains.

Only little is expected on your side to support your safety against the global Pandemic. You are kindly requested to come up with a medical certificate with a negative Polymerize Chain Reaction /PCR/ COVID-19 test result in print form. This result should not exceed five days /120 hours/ prior to your arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. No COVID test is done when you arrive at Bole Airport.

You are provided with face masks to wear at public places. This rule is also applicable for tourist guides, and related tourism professionals. Hand sanitizer is available at the desired places to be used by everyone. Moreover, public traffic areas as well as tourist destination facilities are disinfected regularly. All in all, all anti-COVID measures are put in place with closer observation and follow up.

Never think twice to fly Ethiopian Airlines as the Carrier has continuously been redefining all its customer services. These measures have enhanced the biosafety and health of its customers. If you download and use the mobile application of the Airline, you benefit a lot in terms of your health, time, finance and energy. Actually, Ethiopian has recently introduced its updated mobile application where you can enjoy the end to end process of your flight. Additional digitized service features with a number of languages and payment options in the app can surely minimize your contacts both at the airport and during flight. You can enjoy all the services of Ethiopian from your comfort. Besides, Ethiopian has also recently inaugurated its state of the art terminal with contactless technology features that minimizes the risk of COVID-19.