How to Use WAND

Our Mission

WAND is the wildlife traveller’s way of finding the places they want to go, the activities they want to do and the travel service provider’s shop window for wildlife travellers. We are here for the long haul and not some ‘get rich quick’ scheme. We offer a free service to travellers and an inexpensive showcase for service providers big and small. We aim to be the one-stop-shop for all nature and wildlife lovers looking to travel to destinations at home and overseas to watch wildlife whether it’s to watch birds or butterflies, whales or wallabies, or to see orang-utans or orchids! Whatever part of the wild world interests you we hope to put you in touch with guides, tour companies, wildlife friendly restaurants, accommodations, transport companies or trip boating companies.

Using the site is, and will always be free. Nor do we ask the tour companies to pay us a commission if you book with them!

Moreover, when you’ve indulged in your passion for Mother Nature you will be able to tell others how great the eco-lodge was, how well the tour was organised, or how your guide found you all the species you wanted to see, or that you had a great meal at a wildlife friendly restaurant. If you are less lucky you will be able to alert others to any shortcomings.

Right from the start you will be able to find companies that can take you to the wherever you want to go, or independent guides to show you around once you get there, and that perfect B&B to end a day (or night) of wildlife watching.

Whether you are an independent traveller, the organiser for a group or someone who likes to sit back and let the tour unfold before you there will be something here for you.

The more of you that use WAND the more companies and individuals will use the site to show you what they can offer!

We may not be able to wave our magic wand and transport you to exotic climes, but we will endeavour to be the next best thing.

Wildlife And Nature Destinations is your gateway to the earth’s bio-diverse beauty. So get searching right away!

Because we welcome reviews and reports, and we want to keep our customers alerted to bargains, any site user can sign up creating a personal account where they can review services they’ve used or ask to be kept informed about nature travel bargains.

We are also aiming to be a resource for tour companies looking to take on guides in new places, add a pelagic trip to a tour, or any number of other resources to make their tours even better.

So if you have a service to offer or want to write reviews, upload trip reports… sign up now!

Getting Started


You can use this site to find a tour, hotel, or other service that gets you wildlife watching or otherwise enjoying nature. To do this, click the ‘Search’ button above. You will find that most services will be listed by destination, but for tour operators you can also search by the type of tour you want to take. You can also find out which tour operators go to a particular destination AND offer the type of trip you want.

But you can do more…

If you create your own WAND user page (click here to find out how) you will be able to add trip reports for others to see or review any of the services offered through WAND.

Service Providers

Service providers can showcase their wares to the world by creating a page about their service. The first thing you need to do is ‘sign-up’. You can learn more about signing up by clicking here. After signing up you can ‘add’ a tour operator, independent (freelance) guide, eco-lodge or whatever you have to offer to travelling nature lovers. You are not restricted in how many different services you can add so, if, for example you are a wildlife tour operator that also has a number of its own lodges you can create a page for the tour company and a page for each of the lodges. You can also add pages for each of your full-time guides (or encourage them to do so) as people love to see who will be showing them nature’s wonderland.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an independent (freelance) guide. Can I add my services?
Yes you can! We encourage all freelance guides to sign up. Many travelers prefer to deal with freelance guides. To learn more about signing up, click here
I offer a service I don't see listed on WAND. Can I sign up?
Please send us an email at and let us know what service you would like to add to WAND.
I would like to upload trip reports. Can I do so?
Yes, we would love to have you upload as many trip reports as you like. First, you must create a WAND user page. This is easy to do and you can get started by clicking click here.
I'd like to write a review of a business on WAND. How do I do it?
First you create a WAND user page. This is easy to do and you can get started by clicking here. After you create your WAND user page you then go to your WAND Maintenance page by clicking here. At the bottom of the page is a button name Reviews. Click the button.
How many countries and destinations are represented in WAND?
At the top of the tour company, search page WAND shows you the number of destinations WAND supports and the number of those destinations covered by WAND service providers. Click here to go there.
How do I change some of the information I entered when I signed up?
Very simple. Click here to go to your Maintenance page. Then click on your company name. This takes you to your Sign Up page where you can change any piece of information.
How much does it cost to list my business(es) with WAND ?
You can click here to download a PDF that contains the WAND scale of charges.